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Ino's route

On the second day after the conversation with Hokage, head out to the school and pick up the scroll on the right side of the class. Go home and use the technique from the scroll. This will allow you to buy technique scrolls in Ten-ten shop, so be sure to drop by there and buy technique of transformation and pudding (you will need it later).

Wait for the day when MC will say at morning «I need to see Ino in her shop» then go to the shop to talk to Ino. After this, Ino will wait for you at the training field in the evening every day and there you can train her.

Special trainings will not be accessible at first. In order to unlock them, you will have to conduct 4 regular trainings during which Ino will tell you about basics of using the chakra.

Special trainings of Ino

Stick out your tongue

You can do it at any point of time, this training adds 1 point of lust if Ino's lust is below 3.

Ask to raise the skirt

Points of lust needed: 2

You need to perform this training at least one time to unlock the next one.

Touch your breast

Points of lust needed: 4

You need to perform this training at least two times to unlock the next one. The third scene of this training may be unlocked with the 11 points of lust.

Show me your underwear

Points of lust needed: 6 / Points of trust needed: 4

To unlock this training you'll need 4 points of trust, to achieve them conduct regular trainings on the field in the evenings and work in the flower shop with Ino.

When Ino will show you her underwear for the first time, she'll be upset with you after this and won't come to the training field. To make up for it go to the store, call Ino and give her the pudding that you bought earlier.

The third scene of this training may be unlocked if you ask Ino to walk around without underwear in the «Change clothes» section. Points of lust needed for this are 11.

Show me your boobs

Points of lust needed: 8 / Points of trust needed: 5

To pass this training you'll have to transform into Saske, in order to do this you need to know the technique of transformation and use it at least once (you can do it at home in scroll menu)

To unlock the third scene of this training you need to have 14 points of lust. Refuse when Ino will ask you to turn into Saske again.

You need to spend this training at least three times to unlock the next one.

Next trainings don't require any additional actions since they are not finished yet. Their walkthrough may be changed in the next updates.

Touch yourself

Points of lust needed: 11 / Points of trust needed: 7

You need to spend this training at least three times to unlock the next one.

Show me her

Points of lust needed: 14 / Points of trust needed: 8

Grab her ass

Points of lust needed: 16 / Points of trust needed: 9

Take your clothes off for me

Points of lust needed: 18 / Points of trust needed: 10

Suck my dick

Points of lust needed: 20 / Points of trust needed: 11

Let's do this

Points of lust needed: 22 / Points of trust needed: 12

It's time for your ass

Points of lust needed: 24 / Points of trust needed: 13

Extra events

Lunch in Ichiraku

Event is available after sex with Ino. On training grounds ask her not to wear underwear. During day visit her at Flowers shop and invite for a lunch.

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