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iOS version

Where to download?

How to install?

There are several ways to install third party .ipa files.

  • BuildStore - Paid $9.99. You also get access to the other adult games.
  • Sideloadly - Free but you need to update the app each week.
  • AltStore - Free. Same as sideloadly.
  • TrollStore - Free and without time limit but not for all iOS versions.

BuildStore (Paid)

Install apps as seamlessly as you would from the App Store, but through's Adult Store. They're pioneering the distribution of adult games on iOS.

This exclusive offer is just $9.99 per month for cutting-edge installation technology and a vast adult apps library.

Just a heads up, though—Apple’s a bit protective over its app ecosystem, which means they’re not too keen on alternative download sources, especially for adult content (which, as we know, isn't available on the App Store).

So, when you sign up, there might be a brief waiting period for device 'processing'. This could take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days, but don't worry, you’ll be kept in the loop about your status.

This is a one-time setup—after that, you're all set to safely install apps without any interruptions.

Follow the link below and get unlimited access to tons of adult games


Sideloadly (Free)

No Jailbreak required.

Check video guide:

In the final installation phase I had an error which I was able to fix with Force Restart.

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