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Sakura's route

On the second day during the conversation with Sakura in the Ramen restaurant choose the option «Sorry, if you don't want to, then I won't insist». This will give you +1 point of trust.


On the third day go to the hospital and speak to Sakura, tell her about Hokage's task. Sakura will be against any trainings so you need to persuade her somehow. In order to do this, you need to speak to Hokage and tell him that Sakura refuses from trainings. Kakashi will say that he will deal with it. Wait for the next day.

Go to the hospital and speak to Sakura. Sakura agrees to train with you, but at first, you will have to carry her task out. You will need to go to the forest and collect herbs for her.

In order to get to the forest use an arrow below your house on the main map. There're two locations in the forest, each location has herbs which you're looking for. Herbs appear every day in a random manner.

When you'll give Sakura about 30 herbs (in 0.5 this number was reduced to 20) and her level of trust is more than 4, she will agree to train with you every evening at the river. There's no need to collect herbs anymore from this point.


After 5 trainings with Sakura go to the hospital and try to ask her out on a date. Sakura will offer you a deal if you answer her question she will go with you, but if you don't answer you'll have to work for free the whole week in the hospital. Take the deal. Sakura will ask you: « What were the last Saske's words before he left the village? » The right answer is «Thank you, Sakura»

Wait till the evening then go to the hospital and talk to Sakura. Go with Sakura on the roof. After a small conversation, you will have a choice: «Continue the conversation» or « Put your hand on her shoulder».

Continue the conversation – You'll speak to Sakura for about an hour more. Sakura's level of trust will increase on 1 point. (Standard ending of a date)

Put your hand on her shoulder – the outcome depends on the level of Sakura's trust. If it is below 15 then Sakura will be furious and her mood will be worse. (Bad ending of a date) If it is 15 or more then her trust will increase on 3 points and her mood will improve. (Good ending of a date)

There is no need to pursue a good ending. The quest will go on at any rate, only a couple of dialogues will be different. After this, you will be able to ask Sakura out on a date. At noon, go to the hospital and ask her out. Return in the evening and speak to her again.

The second question

After 5 dates, Sakura will tell you that she doesn’t want to get close with you because she’s already in relationships with Saske. So, you once again offer her a deal where she needs to answer two questions. If you fail to give the right answer, you will have to work on her for free at any time and your relationships will become strictly business. If you succeed, she will fulfill two wishes of yours.

You need not choose the answers – the MC will do it on his own.

The first wish is to play this wish game at any time you want to.

The second one consists of three options. Each choice will lead to different outcomes.

  • Show your breast – The exhibitionism route
  • Conduct the full medical exam of Naruto’s body. Yes, you got me right, including his sex organ – The Paramours' route
  • Nothing special so far. We will just keep on going on dates – The Lovers' route

The exhibitionism route

You ask Sakura to walk around without shorts. If your first date was successful, she will agree to give you her shorts.

Go to the store and buy there an Anal Plug, a Vibrator and a Vibrator Remote. After a few days go to the hospital and call Sakura to start Special trainings.

The Paramours' route

Tell Sakura to ask Naruto out to the beach tomorrow.

You automatically go to the Konoha’s main gates next day, where you meet up with Sakura and Naruto. And after a little small talk, you head out to the beach.

Go and get changed behind the stone on the beach. While doing this, agree with Naruto to set up an incident during which Sakura will be left without any clothes.

If your first date was successful, Sakura will be wearing a more revealing swimsuit.

While putting oil on Sakura’s back, loosen her bra’s knot. After some time of laying under the sun, suggest everyone go swimming and race. The winner will get a ramen at your expense.

As a result, Naruto wins but Sakura loses her bra. Once she notices it, she will send you back to the beach and start looking for her bra.

Bad ending of the first date

Sakura tells you to leave her, saying that she will sort everything out by herself

You go to the beach, get changed and head back to Konoha. Say goodbye to Naruto.

The end of the event.

Normal ending of the first date

Sakura asks you to wait for her to find her bra.

You go to the beach and wait for Sakura. In 20 minutes, you persuade Sakura to drop it and come to the shore. Sakura agrees but only if you turn around. You turn around, Sakura gets changed and then you head back to Konoha.

The end of the event.

The Lovers' route

Ask Sakura out on a date one more time.

Pick Sakura up in the hospital and go to the Ichiraku together. There you run into a new character – Ayame. Sakura will go out for a while during dinner and Ayame suggests adding experimental ingredients into Sakura’s dish, which will arouse her. After dinner, ask Sakura to take a walk in the park with you.

What happens next depends on the first date’s ending

  • Bad ending – Tease Sakura with touches and then she runs home. +2 depravity, -1 trust, -2 mood.
  • Normal ending – Just walk Sakura home. +3 depravity, +3 trust, +2 mood.
  • Good ending – Walk Sakura home and stay the night. At night, we see Sakura’s masturbation scene. +4 depravity, +4 trust, +3 mood.

Flower of Love event

Common events

The End of the War Celebration

Go to the hospital to Sakura in four days. There you will be met by Ino who tells you that Sakura is off to Hokage’s residence. Go to the residence and find out that Sakura was discussing the coming celebration of the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Since you’re guest in the village, you can visit the celebration if you help with its organization. First, go to Tenten and pick up some things for celebration. Then carry these things to Shizune’s archive (Hokage’s residence) and report to Hokage about delivered things.

Listen to the dialogue between Kakashi and Sakura before you go. As it turns out, Sakura has no proper dress for the celebration. Go to Tenten and choose one of two dresses: Casual for 450 Ryo or Sexy for 500 Ryo.

Next day MC will automatically go to the hospital to Sakura and give her the dress. In return for the gift, ask for the permission to see Sakura first in the dress. Sakura agrees but it has to wait till the evening.

Wait till the evening and then you’ll automatically go to the hospital to Sakura.

Every route has different dialogues that depend on the dress you bought.

Bad ending of the first date

  • Exhibitionism route - Sakura agrees to change with you around but tells you to turn away. You can turn around take a peek while she’s changing. This choice influences only a couple of next sentences.
  • The Paramours’ route – Just check out Sakura’s look.
  • The Lovers’ route – Check her lookout.

The normal or good ending of the first date

  • The Exhibitionism route – Sakura’s changing with you around and let you look at her.
    • Sexy dress – Do the massage.
  • The Paramours’ route – Check the dress out
    • Sexy dress – Different dialogues that depend on the events at the beach (Whether you hid her clothes or not)
  • The Lovers’ route – Sakura will ask you to go out but you can peek.
    • Sexy dress
      • You tried to peek or decided not to spend the night at Sakura’s – Sakura kisses you on the cheek.
    • You didn’t try to peek and spend the night at Sakura’s – Touch Sakura’s breast and kiss her on the cheek.

Wait 4 days.

On the morning of the celebration, you realize that you have no costume.

If you borrowed the dress from Tenten and don’t have 650 Ryo

Go to Shizune and ask her to find a costume for you. She agrees but in return, you have to fill in the stack of papers. Spend the whole day filling in papers and get the costume.

If you borrowed the dress from Tenten and have 650 Ryo

Go to Tenten, pay your debt and buy a costume. All this will cost you 650 Ryo

If you didn’t borrow anything and bought the dress right away

Go to Tenten and get the dress free of charge as a gift.

The evening of the celebration

In the evening we automatically go to the holiday. Find Sakura. Dialogue choices don't affect anything.

After the Hokage's speech, Naruto approaches us, and then Sasuke. Sasuke pays little attention to Sakura and then leaves with Shizune. We talk to Sakura about Sasuke and that it would be better for them to broke up.

During the dialogue, two sisters come up to us and offer to participate in a competition for couples. We split with Sakura and use the transformation technique to transform into Sasuke. Then return to Sakura and participate in the kissing competition. Sakura finds out that it was not Sasuke. We go outside to talk and convincing Sakura to talk to Sasuke.

During the conversation, you start a fight with Sasuke, but Sakura separates you and everyone goes home.

Hot Springs

The next day, in the morning, Shizune comes to us and says that today guests from other villages will arrive in the village for a holiday and you are also invited to the event.

Get up, go to the gym, talk to Kakashi and go to the memorial with the guests. Then to the restaurant and then to the hot springs.

You need to change, but before changing, you can peek into the women's locker room to see the scene with Samui and Karui. Then go to the men's locker room, change clothes and go to the hot spring to Tsunade and Samui.

During the conversation, you decide to take a nap, but after a while you wake up due to the fact that someone touches us. Open your eyes to see a scene with Samui.

Then a tipsy Mei comes to the hot springs. Sher falls on us, you catch her, escort her into the house, she falls again, you catch her again.

In the house you speak with Oonoki, then with Kurotsuchi on the second floor.

When you can freely move through the springs, you go to the back room and see how the Raikage fucks a servant. You could take his place if you want.

Go outside and meet Karin. She is looking for Kakashi. Go to the Hokage Residence and meet Karui there. Speak to her and return to the hot springs.

Talk with Karin and Sakura and Samui come up to us. Together you decide to go to the sources.

After a while, Karin needs to leave, Sakura escorts her. You stay with Samui and she offers to do her massage.

After the massage, go to the second floor to the bathhouse, where the girls are sitting. Talk to them and go to the dressing room to change. A drunk Sakura walks into the locker room. It turns out she messed up the locker rooms. Outside you can hear male voices and so that you are not noticed by the half-naked in the locker room together, you decide to hide Sakura.

After the scene with Sakura, return home.

Continued in future versions
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