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How to translate

  1. Open page with language that you want to translate to.
  2. Select Not translated strings in the list.
  3. Check if the string has a suggestions. If it has, vote for the best suggestion (number 3) (account required).
  4. If there is no suggestions, you can write your own. Fill the field (number 1).
  5. Click on the “Suggest” button (number 2).
  6. Repeat until translation is complete.

Suggestiongs with 3 votes will be accepted automatically.

How to translate from English to your language

  1. Login or create account on
  2. Select English as a secondary language and save changes

Now you can see an English translation near the original text.



Do not edit text inside { and } brackets. It's used for text styling. More information here.

Sometimes there will be empty brackets in text. Thouse brackets will be replaced with a variable in game.


English Translated
{size=+5}Hello{/size} {size=+5}Hola{/size}
I tried {i}special Ayame's ramen{/i}!!! Probé {i}un ramen especial de Ayame{/i}!!!
{#weekday}Sunday {#weekday}Domingo
Price: {} Ryo Precio: {} Ryo

Do not edit text inside [ and ] brackets. It's used to show game variables inside text.

English Translated
Hi, [player_name]. Hola, [player_name].
Ino's lust: [stats[Ino][lust]] Lujuria de Ino: [stats[Ino][lust]]
One second… here, [price] Ryo. Un segundo… aquí, [price] Ryo.

How to add a new language

If there is no language that you want to translate to, you could contact Dinaki in our discord server.

We could create a new language for you and make you a moderator for this translation. BUT! If translation won't hit 30% in 30 days, it will be deleted. So think twice about it.

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