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Side quests

Amaya events

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Experemantal Ramen

After the date with Sakura in Ichiraku, Ayame will begin working there every 2 days. You will be able to buy an experemental ramen from her. It should be eaten before you go to bed. There are only 3 special ramens so far.


Event will begin automatically in 30 october - 1 november if you already summoned the spider. Also you can activate this event via cheats menu.

Tenten comes to you house and tells you that today is a Halloween and you need to decorate the village. Go to hokage and take the pumpkins for this. Then go to any location, open inventory, choose pumpkin and place in anywhere. After placing all of the pumpkins go to the banqueting hall.

There you will meet Karin, Hinata, Tenten, Sakura and Ino (all in the costumes). After the Hokage speach they offer to go to the house with the ghosts. You need to choose one girl. There will be different dialogues depending on your choice. If Ino has good stats there will be a different ending with her.

Walk with choosed girl, the werewolf attacks, we save everyone, we get to the hospital, the end.

Neighbour with renovation

It starts automatically after day 50.

For a few days you will be woken up by the sounds of renovations.

After a few days, your patience runs out and you go out to sort things out. It turns out that a girl has moved in next door, who is doing repairs and because of the hole in the wall, it is all perfectly audible on the street.

After a few days, you see her talking to Naruto through the hole. This is when you decide to take advantage of the moment and come in from the other side.

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