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Anko walkthrough

How to Start the Anko Branch

  • Complete at least 4 regular training sessions with Ino.
  • After day 65, go to the school.

After talking to Anko at school, if you have agreed to train her, she will be available during the day at the training ground.


There are a total of 9 workouts:

  • Running - 3 workouts
  • Jumping - 3 workouts
  • Agility - 3 workouts

The workouts must be performed one at a time. No additional items are needed for the workouts.


After each criminal capture, Anko gets a little thinner.


To catch a criminal, you need to perform 3 running trainings.


To catch a criminal, you need to do 3 jump training sessions.


You must complete 3 agility trainings to catch a criminal.

Reward (v0.21)

After catching all the criminals, go to the school. Anko will meet you there and offer you a reward for your help.


There won't be anything.


Anko will give you 3,000 ryo.


To activate the event, you have to be at home in the evening.

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