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Patron code

Patron code is available only for our Patrons. You can became a Patron on our Patreon page.

It will give you an access to the extra costumes and events.

Each Patron Code is associated with a specific game version. Including all patches for that version. Code for v0.25 will work in v0.25, v0.25.1, v0.25.5, etc. But for the v0.26 you'll need a new code.

You can use one code on multiple devices (PC or mobile).

Your code will continue to work with that version of the game even if you are no longer a Patron. However, if you share the code online, your code will be banned and you won't be able to use it even if you are still a Patron.

How to get a Patron code

  • Click on the “Allow” button.

  • In the Cabinet you will see a bunch of Patron Codes for a different versions.

Where to enter Patron code?

  • Open game menu
  • Settings tab
  • Click on the “Enter Patron code”

  • Enter your Patreon email

  • Enter Patron code

  • Click “OK”

If Patron code is valid, this input will close and you will hear a success sound.

Can't enter into the Patron Cabinet

  • If you logged in to the Personal Cabinet and only after that became a Patron, click on the “Click here after become a patron” text

  • Also status update may take some time after you got a subscription.

Patron code doesn't work

  1. First of all, check the version of the game and the version of Patron code.
  2. If you are sure that you use a code for a correct version then check your email and code on a typos. Since every message I got about not working patron code ended up fixing typos in email or code.
  3. Remove everything from the email field and from the code field and fill them again. Sometimes that helps.
  4. Try to enter the code with VPN enabled (or disabled if it was enabled)
  5. If even that didn't help, write me in PM on our Discord server.
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