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There are many locations in this game, and in this section I will tell you which ones are currently available.

  • The Village is the main location and where all the action takes place.
  • Our Home, location in which we can practice and sleep.
  • Tenten's Store location where we can buy very various items, after Sakura makes the request for “The Fuchsia Flower”, the Tenten branch will be opened with their respective missions.
  • Ino's Flower Shop, location where we can work, buy flowers and talk with Ino.
  • Hokage Residence, location where we can work on the files room and advance in the missions.
  • The Hospital, location in which mainly happens all the events with Sakura.
  • River, location in which we train with Sakura in the afternoons.
  • Training Ground, location in which we train with Ino in the evenings.
  • Tatsubaki's office, where Irene is located.
  • The surroundings of the village, location where we can collect herbs for Sakura and collect mushrooms for Karin.

And that's all I wanted to tell you about all the locations currently in the game :)

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