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Irene Walkthrough

Office games

The Office Games route with Irene opens after kidnapping Ten-Ten. It is necessary to complete the arena event on the Business Ideas route to the Harem or Solo endings (in the case of the Solo ending, you must choose Irene).

There are 17 events in total. You can complete 1 event per day. To start an event, go to Irene and select “Special Events”.

1. Stockings

Admire her stockings. In the “See More” or “Touch” selection, you can choose your whatever you want.

2. Skirt

Ask Irene to pull up her skirt and look at her panties. Again there will be a choice to look or touch, again choose what you like best.

3. Breasts

Irene shows her breasts in a bra. Again choose to look or touch.

4. Camera

We ask Irene to take the camera out of the cupboard and look at the panties. After the event, we go to Ichiraku and buy one Ramen for Irene. Then go back to the office and give the ramen.

5. Footjob

Two days we go into the office, but Irene is not there. On the third day we go in and hide under the desk. Irene walks into the office with a stranger and sits down at the desk. While they are talking, Irene jerking you off with her legs.

6. Lingerie

The next day Irene is out of the office, we come back the day after. We ask Irene to give us her underwear. She agrees, now she goes without underwear.

7. Skirt 2

The next day Irene is out again, we come back a day later. Irene pulls up her skirt, but as we took her underwear away last time, she is now without panties. You can touch it if you like.

8. Breast 2

Ask Irene to show her breasts, admire her bare breasts, you can touch them if you want.

9. Massage

Offer to give Irene a massage. She agrees, we touch her in different places. While we are massaging, a client comes in. We finish and leave.

10. Under the desk

We go into the office, but Irene's not there. We hide under the table. Irene comes in with a client and sits at the desk. While they are talking, we ask Irene to touch herself under the desk.

11. Under the desk 2

We enter the office, but Irene isn't there. Just about to leave, she walks into the office and immediately puts her pussy in your hand. But then someone opens the door and you have to hide under the desk. While they're talking, we touch Irene under the desk (she's not wearing panties, remember?).

12. Massage 2

Giving Irene a massage. More confident than last time. Although she is talking to her boss at the same time.

13. Breast 3

We ask Irene to show her breasts and lick her nipples. Someone goes into the office, so we hide in the cupboard. In the wardrobe continue licking her breasts and wait for the guest to leave.

14. Blowjob

Before the event, we go to Ichiraku and buy ramen for Irene. We go into the office. We help Irene with some documents on the computer. In gratitude, Irene climbs under the desk and gives you a blowjob. Now you are talking to a guest while Irene is under the desk.

15. Sex

Again before the event, we go to Ichiraku and buy ramen for Irene. We go into the office and again help with paperwork on the computer. Irene is under the desk again, you're talking to someone again, but it's no longer blowjobs under the desk, it's sex. Cool, rigth?

16. Camera 2

The next day Irene is not there, we come back the next day. We role play and ask her to get the camera out. We admire (and not only admire) her ass (and not only ass). But Irene suddenly falls off the chair right on your cock with her ass! Who would have thought that could happen!!!

17. Anal

We go into the office 3 days in a row, but Irene is absent. On the 4th day she finally shows up and offers anal. Of course we accept. We watch the scene and end this route with Irene.

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