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List of available jutsu

You don't need a jutsu scroll to use a jutsu.

But you need a scroll at home to use any jutsu. You can find that scroll in the school.

Clone Jutsu

Cost: 10 chakra

Shadow Clone Jutsu

Cost: 30 chakra

Transformation Jutsu

Cost: 10 chakra

Scroll sealing Jutsu (v0.10)

Cost: 40 chakra

Crimson Earth Spider Jutsu (v0.10)

Cost: 60 chakra

Spider Summoning Jutsu (v0.10)

Cost: 80 chakra

Soshory Jutsu (v0.10)

Cost: 100 chakra

Water Dragon Jutsu (v0.10)

Cost: 500 chakra

Lightning Release: Spider Web Jutsu (v0.12)

Cost: 65 chakra

Vacuum Sphere Jutsu (v0.12)

Cost: 100 chakra

Earth Dragon Jutsu (v0.12)

Cost: 100 chakra

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